Hey Guys, You might have known me as JB the Mummy. Which I still is. However, P.U.A SUCKS ASS!!! Why? Women are people. You can't judge them through a P.U.A scale like I did. All this 'game' drama is bullshit. If you like someone, you should be a 'man' enough to go say "Hey, You are cute and just wanted to say hi". If you can't do that than MAN THAT SHIT UP! Women should be loved, protected, treated with respect and if you like someone, just go talk to them. That's all there is to it. Always be yourself so you attract people and things in your life that are in harmony with you. Don't change yourself for NOBODY. Do what YOU want to do. This is your life an you don't need to please NOBODY but YOURSELF! PCE JB PS: I'm out! PPS: FUCK P.U.A! This dope message was brought to you by plant based calcium